Ready to switch to Apple - Advice needed

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I've been contemplating about switching to Mac system for a while. I find the user-friendly GUI and robust OS very attractive.

I will make my switch in a stepwise fashion. My first move is to get an used Powerbook to test out the water. A local seller has a 10 months old powerbook for sale:



iLIFE 2005

iWORK 2005 + lots of extras

8x DVD writer /SUPER DRIVE


Integrated wireless 802.11g

15.2-inch TFT Display

1280x854 resolution

1.67GHz PowerPC G4


80GB Hard Drive

ATI Mobility Radeon

9700 (64 MB DDR)

Backlit keyboard

Gigabit Ethernet

FireWire 400 & 800

Analog audio in/out

DVI & S-Video out

I have several questions hoping avid Apple users can give me a hand:

1. The seller insists that it's 1.67GHz model. But based on my research using the manufacturer no. (M9422LL/A), it should be a 1.5GHz unit. Am I missing something here?

2. He claims that the Superdrive is 8x. But my research told me that last year model should be 4x??

3. I don't know much about Apple 2nd hand market. The lowest he is willing to go is CAD$1800 (US$1547). According to him, the unit is barely used. All original cords, cables and CDs. No box though. Is it a decent price?

Sorry for the long-winded post. Any help is much appreciated.




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    $1500 USD buys my current model 15", 1.5, combo drive. Purchased new in February.

    (with all documentation/cables AND box )

    I'd have to check on international shipping costs before I include that in the price. (assuming you want it shipped to Canada)
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