Help - Problem losing my Start Up settings (Login Items) . . .

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Hi All,

Looking for a utility or way to restore my Login Items after they get blown away.

This problem has been re-occuring (is anyone else having the same problem?)

I have a 2 month old PowerMac. After running most of the Apple updates, my Login Items (start up programs) from the preferences pane get blown away.

About 2 hours ago the machine croaked while using Soundtracks Pro. The screen got painted top to bottom with a dark grey cast, and a dialog box popped up with "Your machine has crashed. Hold the power button in for several seconds."

After the reboot I noticed that all my start-up programs are not running, just 4 items are listed instead of the usual 12 or so. This will be the 7th time in 2 months that I have to rebuild this list and it's getting old.

Is there some way or a utility that I can get that can save and restore these settings when they get trashed?




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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    There is something wrong with your PowerMac if it keeps on doing this. It sounds like a Kernel panic but no computer should be having this. I'd see what other people say but if it was me I'd do a fresh install - although actually I'd probably put up with it!
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