dark spots, will they fix it?

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I sent in my powerbook with a LOT of problems, including a big dark circular spots on the screen. It looks as though i shoved my finger into the screen, even though i did not. There are about 4-6 of these spots, however one stands out especially. The screen also has 3 bright pixles right next to eachother, one bright red pixle inside one of the dark spots, and one dead pixle right next to the 3 bright. My logic board is also really messed up, as the computer keeps going to sleep on me while im typing and my backlit keyboard does not work, because when i sent the computer in in order to fix just the 4 pixles (the 4th bright red pixle had not appeared at that point) they did a test on the notebook and found the logic board did not work. They did not fix the pixles and it came back with the backlit keyboard not working. I talked to one of their tech's and they said they screwed up and to send it back. Since then my computer has gone down the toilet with problems. The most annoying being the going to sleep on me every 30 seconds, the 2nd being the screen issues. Would you guess that they would replace the screen for me after all the problems they caused with my computer? it is in the shop right now and i got an email confirming they are waiting for a part to come in. I am praying they fix the screen, as i think i deserve a new on the way my computer has been acting, even though i treat it very well. any responses will cool me down a bit. I will call them tomarrow to see what they are doing to it.


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    If at all possible, get ahold of a customer service rep while its in the shop - the reps have broad powers to make things right. Oh, and that's the legal phrase you should use and listen for: 'make things right for me'. My wife the paralegal taught me that one - corporations in the US use that language as standard for establishing contracts, verbal or written, to work with customers. The courts will accept such a contract as binding, so when they ask "What would make this right for you?" do *NOT* say "Nothing!". More than one irate person has backed themselves into a corner with that. In the eyes of the court, that indicates a contractee unwilling to negotiate, and that puts them in a weaker bargaining position. It sounds like you know what you want, however.

    Also, mailing steve@apple.com has been known to get results fast sometimes, but it's a crapshoot.

    Above all, be nice to the people you get ahold of - I'm sure you know it, but it always helps to have a quick reminder. They didn't screw up your repair, and they can usually help you get your machine back in good order.
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