Have to send PowerBook in for repairs: how can I use a Mac Mini as a back up?

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My 15" PowerBook has, I believe, a failure of the lower RAM slot (which seems to be a relatively common problem).

I have a (largely unused) Mac Mini that I'd like to use to back up my PB before sending it in for repairs.

I'm a Mac newbie (though getting better quick!) and need some guidance as to:

[1] How to hook up my PowerBook and Mac Mini (I'm assuming I can just use an ethernet cable).

[2] How and what to back up on my PowerBook (other than the obvious, like photos, mp3s, documents, etc)



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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    FireWire will be better. Connect the two computers with a FireWire cable. Boot the PowerBook in Target Disk Mode by holding down the "T" key during boot. Then it will appear as a disk on the mini's desktop, and from the mini you can drag folders over to the mini at blazing speeds.

    In most situations, all you have to copy over is the Home folder for your account (the folder in the "Users" directory that has your account name) and any applications/utilities that you added to the Applications and Utilities folders.

    There are a few applications that store things in the higher level folders - copy over /Library/Internet Plugins and /Library/Preference Panes and /Library/Keychains.

    Another option is to use the utility SuperDuper to copy the PB's disk to the mini. You can search the OS X tab of versiontracker.com for SuperDuper.
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    If you're running Tiger on your Mac mini, use the Migration Assistant program in /Applications/Utilities. It'll walk you through the process of migrating data using Firewire target disk mode.
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