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so, when i import photos from iPhoto into iMovie, they look like total crap. Also, when i import clips from my digital video camera, they too, look like heck. Is this just the nature of iMovie? If it's picture quality i want, do i need to get a hold of final cut pro? Other people have told me that they don't have the same problem though. What should i do? Anybody have this problem?


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    eaieai Posts: 417member
    I imagine there could be a conflict between the two resolutions - your camera/photos and the iMovie resolution. I assume iMovie either forces you to use an HD resolution or a standard 4:3 resolution. Do you have an example screenshot of how your images appear?
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    Your propably have created project with iMovies default setting which is DV it uses low resolution that is 720x576 for pal or 720x486 for ntfs. Those resolutions are very small for still pictures, for example 5M pix foto is normally around 2560 x 1920. Try using HDV1080i as your format, so the resolution comes to 1920x1080. Final cut pro propably can do even higher resolution videos, but you can't play those properly on any television.
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