Central American flooding not news-worthy...

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Just looking at this from an American's (mine) point of view.

Yes, there are plenty of problems within USA borders. The disaster that was/is Katrina being among the worst.

However, kind of related with Katrina is something disturbing. Central America and southern Mexico have just been POUNDED by torrential downpours. Much material and agricultural land loss in countries that can ill-afford that. Many lives lost...

Yet, I've heard NOTHING on the network news nor even MSNBC nor CNN. WTF?

Ehh, this is ranting somewhat. Seems to me their's something not right about this lack of reporting on "our" part...

Mexico sent troops into New Orleans to help out. I don't recall hearing about that on the news either.

What's my point? Hmm, I'm not sure. This is a bit of a rant.


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    218 dead, 100 000 evacuated
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    thttht Posts: 4,449member
    If it don't make money for the news business, it's not news. Corollary to that is that "news", ie information and facts, actually don't make money either, only "stories" do.

    So yes, Americans don't really care and won't watch. If they do watch, they won't be getting accurate information anyways.
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    Originally posted by soulcrusher

    218 dead, 100 000 evacuated


    The BBC is reporting it. Their current headline is the 2000 killed in the recent Pakistan earthquake. 2nd headline is the death toll from Hurricane Stan in Central America (being) over 600 and rising.

    Major disasters killing lots of people in foreign nations, especially poor people in Third World or 'developing' (!) nations are always considered lesser stories than disasters in 'developed" or industrial nations. The rating of such news by the media is determined by the western readers'/viewers' ability to indentify with and relate to it.
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