Oct 12 to bring Video Subscription

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due to relative high video sizes and limited space availability.....and in order to maintain connstant profits for the store...video introduced will be part of a subscription service from iTunes. rather than music subcription, that at the moment agreements are not quite finalized....and not to repeat the same as everyone else.....i think they will introduce the video service to try it out. this way they can test the network and system for high capacitiy downloading.

i wouldn't want to buy a video and fill up my hard drive if i know i will probably erase it pretty soon.....this is the ultimate thing to ensure solid sales for vPod. beside, videos (includeing moves, clips and music) are not like music that you hear again and again....you get bored after a while......

what do you guys think?


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    It cannot be anything much larger than a few minutes worth of video. Some of the things that I have seen from Apple compressed with H.264 is very large itself, so a full-length film would require an all-night download session.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    Interesting take on things, if Apple does produce a video service I would love for it to be a subscription based thing and not an a-lá-carte deal like music is... I would gladly pay the money to have a fresh library of videos (I don't even care what kind!) that I enjoy every month.
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    it would be the demise of Netflix.
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