Software superdrive?!?

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Anyone got this annoying popup ad?

(PC-only i know but wtf? How, What, Huh?)

here's a bit of the ad-

"Why Spend upwards of $4000 on a DVD Burner when we will show you an alternative that will do the exact same thing for just a fraction of the cost?

You heard us right - for the price of just 2 DVD's, we'll show you how to back up and/or create Your Own DVD's!

Just upgraded to a DVD and still have a ton of VHS tapes lying around? With this program, not only can you burn & copy any DVD you've created, you'll also be able to transfer all your VHS tapes to DVD format as well!!

Our cutting edge package includes the following features:

*\tStep-by-Step Manual that will walk you through the process of how to burn ANY DVD you create as well as how to convert ALL your VHS tapes over to DVD format!

*\tNo DVD Burner required

*\tAll you need is a computer with a CD-R or CD-RW drive, and a DVD drive installed (standard on most computers out today).

*\tInstant Downloadable Packet and step-by-step instructions (no waiting in the mail for product to arrive)" etc etc

just curious....


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    enderender Posts: 353member
    Total rip-off, burning DVDs is not feasible with a CD-RW drive.
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    I imagine it's a way of creating a VCD rather than a DVD. I think most DVD players play back VCD's as well. The difference is the picture quality's crap, and they don't hold as much.
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    are VCD's big in th US? in Asia u can get VCD players, here in New Zealand VCD creation is popular with the well-equipped few...

    VCD's would make sense re the ad, presumably u get th Divx codec & instructions...
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    Yeah, this has nothing at all in common with the Superdrive. I get 2-3 of these spams per day. It's DVD ripper software, plus VCD encoding/writing softare.
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    I've seen a few of these and wanted to know just as you did. But I fully expect it's just a VCD product.
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