The Newest part of the digital hub...

in Mac Software edited January 2014 actually Braodcaster... even though it doesn't have am "i" in front of it! Think about it: iTunes: music

iMovie& iDVD: video

iPhoto: photography

Broadcaster: streaming media

They're all free they're all easy to use and they're all only on a mac... I can see it now.


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    neomacneomac Posts: 145member
    Broadcaster sounds like a lot of fun! I've already thought of one practicle use for it.

    Your family is having a birthday, but as usual, Grandma (or someone) lives too far away to make it. Solution? Set up the camcorder and stream your birthday (or parts of it) live so they can watch and or even participate.

    MPEG4 is just gonna flip the world on it's head, me'thinks. Jetsons, here we come!

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    I see an ad campaign in the works... "Birthday"
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