ms office v.X stuck 'optimizing font menu preferences'

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi all.

first post. i'm having trouble with all of my ms office applications except entourage (the only one i'll never use.) whenever i try to launch any of the other programs it gets stuck with the message "optimizing font menu preferences" and then i get the message "the application has unexpectedly quit.

i tried troubleshooting myself. first i physically moved the preferences file for ms word from USERS > LIBRARY > PREFERENCES. this didn't work. then i moved the default fonts from the program from APPLICATIONS > MS OFFICE X > OFFICE > FONTS. this didn't work.

my next idea was to delete and reinstall the ms office suite and i still get the same message every time i try to launch the programs.

one thing i've noticed which i thought was wierd was in SYSTEM PROFILER under software heading, there is no listing of any of the ms office programs except entourage, the only program i'm able to launch.

I'm at a loss and have convinced myself i have to erase the HD and reintall everything. and i'm not fully convinced that that will work either. please help if you have any ideas. thank you very much for your time.


side notes: I am running OSX Panther on dual 500MHz G4 processors with 1 GB SDRAM. also, i haven't been able to open my font book application in about six months. a friend of mine gave me a disk of fonts and in the process of installing them font book just stopped working for me. i don't think this is an issue here because i was using word so many times since this happened with font book.
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