Installing RAM in G5 iMac...few questions

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Hey all I'm looking to buy 512 more mbs of RAM from Apple to install in my iMac. I only have a few quick and easy questions:

1. it hard and/or easy to mess up? I hate the idea of even taking the back off of my beauty

2. How many RAM slots the the G5 iMac have in it? And how many are taken up from the factory. (i.e. it has 2 slots and 1 slot is being used)

Thank you all for your responses!


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    Really Easy ... do it yourself.

    There are two slots... Hard to say what's being used already. Do you have 512 already ?? ... if so, you might have one 512 using one slot, or you might have 2x256 using both slots. If you have 256 installed, then it's all in one slot.
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    I currently do have 512mb installed. Is there any way I can find out if there are two 256mb in there besides opening it up? I'm thinking it's one 512 since on the Apple site they don't even sell 256mb RAM. Thanks.
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    cubitcubit Posts: 846member
    Checking RAM is easy. Just go to the apple menu, then About This Mac, then More Info....

    This gives you System Profiler and you can then look down under Hardware, open that and look at Memory. It should show you your memory overall and the slots and what's in 'em.
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,584member
    It's the easiest upgrade possible on the iMac. Don't sweat it! Just do it!! I have swapped ram, hdd, and super drive (dual layer).
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    Wow thank you all for the help, it's great! If you can't tell this is my first Mac (I've ony wanted one for about forever), I was weary about opening it up but not anymore, I'll be ordering the memory next week, thank you again!
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