iPod + Bluetooth = DUh

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Why can't they do things like this? It would be frigg'n sweet to be able to sync calendars and transfer a few files wirelessly. Instead of bringing all of those wires to lab, you could bt-them. This being, to other ipods also -- heavens, definitely not any moosic -- but calendar syncs, free software, etc. Sync to my Sony Ericcson 710a.

If only the possibilities weren't endless.


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    cubistcubist Posts: 954member
    How about iPod + Wifi = Duh? I think that would be better. How about iPod Wifi + VOIP Phone (not Cellphone) = Duh? I'd buy it.
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    What about iPod+ Sattelite antenna?

    Or even better iPod + DirectTV...
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    Would you seriously utilize the Wi-Fi? ftp? Airport/802.11n @ 600mbps (as rumored) would get nice transfer rates, and better-than-bluetooth setup/config.

    I wonder if you can hook a mouse up to one of these-running linux?
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    how about buy one of the many bluetooth adapters may just for ipods? mine worked great, till it was lost
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    I for one (and I bet I am with the majority) do not need or want bluetooth or wifi in my iPod and definitely do not want to pay for unnecessary functionality...

    Those who want this can get the accessory!!
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    murkmurk Posts: 935member
    How about a iPod Bluetooth keyboard.
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    how about new iPods w/ firewire.
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    How about posting stuff about iPods in iPod + iTunes...

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    i hope this comes out one day. i would really love to just bring the ipod into my car and have it hooked up via blue-tooth. i'm surprised how far behind blue-tooth is in general with run of the mill applications. for example, only now do we finally see cars with blue-tooth functionality for phones built-in. what a shame.
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    jiggzjiggz Posts: 31member
    am i willing to sacrafice battery life for bluetooth/WiFi... NO!!! maybe if they could get the battery life to 24 hours WITH bluetooth/WiFi then i would be interested but not with the current battery life
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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 252member
    You can turn off bluetooth when you're not using it, or at least you can on a Treo. That way it wouldn't impact battery life if you weren't using it.

    I use a BT adapter and headphones now, and would love to have BT built into iPods and not have to deal with the clunky adapter.
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    I won't be shocked to see Apple create an even larger version of the Video iPod with this capability and more by mid next year. The limited HD sizes of these new units along with the pricing structure give hints to this happening.
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    Most definitely, there needs to be a separate sleeping function that turns wifi off/on. Also a low-power recieve mode could be utilized to know of Wi-Fi networks. Yes, then that would mean it would double as a wifi sensor. Keep in mind that the greatest amount of power is used for sending, or so what I'm remembering from Computer Networks Study at our college.

    Text messaging could be done easily if auto-syncing could happen. Therein if at a random event in time, at a large campus, there could be a pretty large shared network of iPods.

    New guiness book of world records idea: longest wifi network made solely from autonomous objects (like Portable computers/etc)
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    Dude, I have a Nokia phone with bluetooth and a built in MP3 player. Guess what, it takes 1 minute to download a single highly compressed AAC file to it! Bluetooth is s-l-o-w. For the cost increase, it's not worth it.

    Now wifi could get interesting, especially 802.11n. But here the problem is that when you're transferring it to your computer, you want to charge it anyway, so what's the point of wireless so you can plug it into a separate power adapter to charge it?

    And don't come to me with bluetooth headphones... IMHO they don't sound as good as other expensive headphones. They're also a niche, most people don't want to pay for that kind of thing. We'd rather have better batteries, larger capacity.
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    My new commitment to myself : if I do exceptionally well in school, HAVE TO BUY THE 60GB VID-POD. Hands down. YeA. It has more "battery power" for video playback, and more space. In my eyes: it's worth it. Edu: 369 $

    The iPod I have now, the 1st gen 5gb is great, and with original battery that lasts about 8hrs on a charge(!), and iTrip, it is best portable music device for any location.

    Now that this has moved to the iTunes plus iPod...

    The new one: records audio in stereo..will hold every simpsons/futurama episode I have in .mp4/h.264 (little weary about firmware updates..) plus all music (20GB and building), and even some web-site files for backup.

    Come to think of it, my other iPod has never lost any data, even after installing very early versions of Linux on it!

    -enough ranting for one THREAD. :/
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    Hands down, bluetooth headphones are crap. They have their own digital compression scheme, and playing compressed music over them is an 'uphill battle.'

    Especially on phones, in a social setting, it really looks like people are talking to themselves. I've gotten used to it, but I know that I will never fall on to that side.

    As with the problem of charging while you transfer, yes this is a good standard. To be a good 'autonomous' useful object, it would be idea to work with any number of computers/devices with the least amount of setup.

    For instance, if you bring your iPod to a computer lab with your paper on it, or a photo-printing kiosk, you don't have to have to worry about connector compatibility, or speed (if 802.11n). Has my firewire cable become damamaged? Have I forgotten my USB cable?

    Not a worry on wireless. Charging can still take place in a dock, or via plug in along side your cellphone.

    How does that sound? as I eat some ooom good pj's pizza
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    Originally posted by willywalloo

    Not a worry on wireless. Charging can still take place in a dock, or via plug in along side your cellphone.

    How does that sound? as I eat some ooom good pj's pizza

    Gimme some of that pizza mars man... And while your at it, build a wireless

    thingy to allow charging over the same 802.11n connection and I'll splurge for dessert!
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    pizza + iPod = good times.

    Vid-Pod + FireWire Data = not so good times.

    Vid-Pod + USB20 = OK Times, FWRE is better.

    Vid-Pod + Wireless Data/Charging = http://www.splashpower.com/

    and then some Apple-Required Wireless Engineering.
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