iPod (5th Gen) vs. iPod nano

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My iPod (3rd Gen, click wheel, n/ color), recently broke, so I am looking for a new iPod. And I'm kind of confused. I really like the iPod nano. It's sheer size and sexiness is very appealing to me. Also, its accesories are awesome (lanyard headfones, armbands, Incase wallet and folio). However, I have heard that the screen is to small and that photos don't look that good. With the new iPod, it is appealing to me because Lost and Desperate Housewives are two of my favorite shows, and I am really excited about having TV Shows on my iPod, and the screen is a definite plus. However, I'm just not sure how it will handle when I excercise with it, and it might be to big. Do any of you have any insight on this? Are any of you facing the same predicament? Any advice would be awesome...


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    I have a nano, and do not regret it. The screen is small, but it's very easy to read. If all you're concerned about is photos and videos, then get the bigger iPod. For me, music is the most important thing.

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    jiggzjiggz Posts: 31member
    i have read numerous post about how the flash-based ipods (nano and shuffle) have better sound quality than the full sized ipods. i was wondering if there is anyword about improved sound quality on the full sized ipod? also, if somebody can explain why there is a discrepancy in sound quality between flash and HDs i would be interested in that as well.

    not that it matters that much anyway though... seeing as i have my credit card out trying to decide between a slim 30 gig and a chubby 60 gig
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    I have an iPod nano and I love it. The size lets me take it anywhere and the screen looks great. I've owned every iPod so far but I think I'm going to skip the 5th gen. because I use my nano everywhere now. But it really depends on your choice.
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    Originally posted by jiggz

    seeing as i have my credit card out trying to decide between a slim 30 gig and a chubby 60 gig

    lol same here...i think im goin with the 30 Gig though...I only have about 700 songs on iTunes and i know i won't have to many pics...so that should leave enough room from like one season of a TV show, plus lots of music videos...But I think i am going to wait until the new iPod is in stores so I can see it for myself and then make a decision...I hope it doesn't get sold out and delayed like the mini...and the nano...
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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    I have a 3G 40gb, my wife got a 4G 20gb.. i liked the clickwheel but not enough to upgrade so when the Nano was released i got one of them as a "stop gap" measure until the 5G ipod was released.. little did I know it would be so soon.

    I absolutely LOVE the nano it is excellent for everyday use it's excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. I have adjusted the way i handle my music to compensate for only having 4gb rather than 40.

    Not to fear I have the 60gb 5G on order.. nice to have ALL your music with you but i can seriously say having the Nano as well means I will be sharing my time between them 50/50.

    Nano for daily use in the pocket, washing car, gym, walking dog.. 5G for MOVIES (joking) mainly in the Bose (which is excellent and i would also recommend to anyone) car journeys and times when i will be away from the mac with all the music on for more than a day.

    If I had to choose one or the other.. 5G i think just because i am used to having ALL my music available to me at any time. but that would be the only reason the nano is almost perfect.. I'm just used to 10x the capacity

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    Buy the 5G iPod and get a cheap shuffle for exercise.
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    I don't like the shuffle haha. But now I am seriously considering getting both. I'll probably get the nano soon and the 5th Gen. later...
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    I have a nano, too, but will buy the (video) sometime. I think a nano is a better short-term solution, while the video means you're in for the long haul.
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    YEP! Me three. I have a blk nano and just ordered the Vid 30 cause I want what they both offer at different times. Tried the shuffle but don't like it's functionality and sound quality.

    Get a 2 GIG nano (white) and a 30 GIG and be happy for about 6 months.
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