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i bought a ti550 as what you would call my training wheels for my more indepth introduction to MACs and now 2 years later i would perfer to get a newer faster computer. This powerbook includes 20 gigs of memory, 384mb of ram and a combo drive... something that was nice to start off with and should be a nice little toy for someone else. i am looking for one of three things; a person wanting a ti550, a person knowing a person looking for one or someone who knows a referb reseller that i could sell it to. I'm looking to get somewhere in the range of 450-600 but some may think of it as unreasonable. 600 was the amount that Mac of all trades was going to buy it for until i told them that at the joints and corners there was some very minor paint chipping... due to the 8cm of chipping MOAT refused to purchase so i am left wanting to upgrade new model MAC without having a buyer of my current.

any help would help :-P

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