Powerbook and it's three red lines

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Good morning you inventive handsome smart and funny folks out there.

I have been putting off posting about this cause it really hasn't bugged me that much as I no longer use my 12" powerbook as my work horse (hurray dual 2.0 G5) but her it is.. I have these three red lines running vertically almost next to each other. What on earth are there and how does one make them stop?

I should not that my lappy has been dropped and the actual body is ever so slightly bent, but that was months ago and these lines only should up last month..

they don't appear on my tv when I'm watching DVD via the video out..

so there you have it.. what is the next step in recovery here? I do have apple care is this sort of thing covered?



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    It's the LCD. You can try rubbing over the lines to see if they go away, but it's more than likely that the address wires to the active-matrix were damaged during the drop.

    You can probably get Applecare to cover this, although I'm not sure how they respond to drops, etc. What they most likely do is hook you up with a new LCD panel.
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