PS CS scratch and ram question

in Mac Software edited January 2014
since changing over to OSX and PS CS I have noticed that the ram seems to be ignored and the scratch is used up very quickly. Now to clarify I am running on an old system G4 500 with 1 gig of ram 3 gig s scratch( waiting for the dual duals but OS 9 dealt with my ram well and PS 7 managed scratch well. Is it my old it OSX and or CS1. I hear that CS2 is even worse. I can open a 40 meg file and immediately loose 1 gig of HD to scratch and sometimes it won't release for 10 15 min after the file has been closed. It seems to always use massive amounts of scratch space fo very small files. As for PS setting I have cache set at 4 and ram set at this going to be the norm with CS from now on?

any insight is appreciated



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    If you want it to use more ram instead of scratch, then change your 50% setting to something higher. I wouldn't recommend going past 70 or 80 though since that would begin paging out everything else.
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    actually I had it at 65 and 70% with no change even with small files..that's why I moved it back to 50% hoping it would real change

    I was talking to another photographer with a dual G5 2 gig with 4 gigs of ram..he mentioned that CS2 was unusable with very large files because of massive scratch demand..or missuse..not sure what to make of all this..PS 7 doesn't work well under OSX either..but it does under must be something to do with OSX?
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