Microsoft bought 7000 G5's

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Was reading a gamestop article and they had a interview with J Allard from Microsoft and he mentioned this about Steve Jobs and Apple.

(talking about xbox 360)

"[Apple CEO] Steve [Jobs] asked me for one when this thing comes out. "I want to get one of these things. It's pretty cool." And I was like, "You didn't give me much of a break on those 7,000 G5s we bought from you, you know. We'll ship as many as you want, full retail, baby." No, that's not true. Apple was a good partner with the development kit program. So, I don't think it's pro-consumer to do anything like that. I think it's a silly thing to fight over.

I know its been mentioned that Microsoft bought G5's for the xbox 360 just didn't realize how many.

Not sure how to do links but here is the link to the article


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    That's more than I can count on my fing-fings!

    But seriously, that actually might explain some of the G5 delays. Not kidding.
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