Wouldn't iTMS TV show subscription make more sense?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I know some people are excited about the 1.99 per episode price tag, but I doubt the sale would be good since it's free on TV. The only scenario I can imagine people buying it is they missed an important episode.

that said, wouldn't a subscription model make much more sense? Maybe a one-time payment for the whole Season, or monthly payment for a single show or for all shows on iTMS. This would change the way people watch TV. And if iTMS has the few TV shows that I watch regularly, I would gladly get rid of my cable subscription for iTMS (which IMO is way overpriced given that I only watch a few good shows).

For music, there's may be a argument that subscription doesn't make sense. But who's going to want to "own" a TV episode except perhaps 1% of the time? Subscription is the way to go!
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