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So I am thinking about buying my first audiobook but I have no idea if they are worth 30 bucks. Can someone clue me in.


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    you tried doing a search for free ones?

    i have Downloaded a LOT of the Sherlock Homles stories (dont know if thats your thing) the quality is very low (bit rate) but its FREE and it might give you an idea of if its worth it or not.

    i will be going in to hospital for 6/7 weeks early next year so i did a bit of trawling to have some added entertainment from my ipod

    the other thing you might wanna try, is your local library for audio books in CD format... rip em and listen... if your not happy about the possible copyright issues.. just delete them when you have 'read' them

    hope that helps

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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Don´t use ITMS. Use AFAIK the ITMS use audible books. But audible has better recover feature and are normally cheaper.

    The quality vary greatly. Use the preview before buying,
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