in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey guys.

I am a recent PC convert and my new iMac shipped today! I think the next few days will be the longest of them all.

I currently make short action films and other footage that I put on the web to share. However I would like to share it in mpeg1 format. I actually host most of my files in the VCD standard (so people can download them and make VCDs). Is there away to do this easily? hell, I would be happy doing it the hard way.

I heard that QT5 might to it, but when I look at their web page they don’t' list export as mpeg1 as an option.

I have also heard of Movie2MPEG, is this any good? I would be content if I could export the DV encoded files back to my PC and just use TMPGEnc to convert them if I havta (can I export those DV encoded file form iMovie?)

Thanks for your help



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