How many of us Apple Clowns have already ordered a new Video iPod?

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I placed my order last night.

60 GB

Fess up losers...

I would like to add that I don't need this either. In fact, my 20 GB iPod is great. However, for boring meetings, long plane rides (although going to have to find a battery extender between Atlanta and Paris), and just being a cool gadget, I don't need it but I couldn't resist. Heck, I am even going to purchase a Desperate Housewives just to test out the video feature. I think my wife has been eyeing my 20 GB iPod anyway...


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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    I have to admit I'm feeling very tempted... but there's no way I really need a video iPod.

    For the way I use my iPod -- mainly in my car, for music -- my 60 GB iPod photo is more than up to the task. I'm certainly (to the relief of everyone else on the road) not going to be watching videos or photo slide shows while I drive. That the new iPods are thinner and lighter and have longer battery life doesn't matter too much since I seldom walk around with my iPod and it's usually powered by a car adapter.

    I would appreciate the bigger, higher-resolution display on the new iPods... but it's not like what I have already isn't more than adequate to the task of music playback.

    But then again, I'm seldom all that practical about these things. It's a cool toy and I want it is usually reason enough.

    So I might hold out, and if I do, it'll be because I'd at least like to be going up in disk capacity from the 60 GB I have now, and I also have the (perhaps foolish) hope that if I wait for the second generation of video iPods, Apple might decide to bring FireWire back.
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    I would if there was a way to get my dvd's and mpeg's into it but I guess not so I will not buy it to just watch video from the apple site.
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    if you cant rip your own DVDs (that you have already paid for) then whats the point? im afraid that until i CAN do this, i will have to give the Vpod a miss

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    I have ordered one. It's my first. Handed in my v-card.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I just replaced my mini with a nano, and while I'm drooling over the full-size iPod's screen and large capacity, I love the nano's uber-portability.

    If I got an iPod though, I'm sure I'd be transcoding most of my own content for it. Be sure to report in on the quality of the media you make.
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    Guys guys guys...


    The same way you can rip your own CDs to AAC, you can rip DVDs to MP4 (although not with iTunes, unfortunately) or transcode other formats to MPEG-4.

    To rip DVDs:

    To transcode content:

    You're welcome.
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    How do I do this on a windows computer? That is get my dvd's into my video ipod?
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    Not ordered yet, but decided I will be getting one the moment I saw it. I don't need video, but I would like 60Gb to replace my 4Gb mini, so I can fit all of my 30Gb of music on it. I'll probaby wait until it comes into work which will not be until mid November though (or maybe I will hold off and ask for it for a birthday/Christmas present. Hmm, tough)
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    Although it should be mentioned that ripping DVDs and converting them to H.264 takes a lot of patience or a fast computer. Ripping the DVD took me about 40 minutes on my G4 Powerbook (1.33 GHz, 768 MB RAM) and converting to H.264 (with 2-pass encoding) took about 15 hours.

    Granted if you have a dual processor G5 with tons of RAM you might be able to rip your whole collection of DVDs quickly.
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    ajpriceajprice Posts: 320member
    I have a 40Gb 4G grey screen iPod, bought it summer 2004. When the video iPod came out, I thought I didnt need it, I mean, i have an iPod, and I have a PSP to watch videos on when I'm out and about. But its eating away at me, thinking that I could maybe sell my 40Gb and get a 60Gb for less than the £300 sticker price. I do know someone who wants to but an iPod and has been considering a Nano...

    Slightly off topic now, but I'm looking at getting an iSight, and heard that the iMacs built in iSight has better specs, is this true? What are the chances of iSight 2 coming out soon if this is the case, anything on the grapevine??
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    Originally posted by Trendannoyer

    if you cant rip your own DVDs (that you have already paid for) then whats the point? im afraid that until i CAN do this, i will have to give the Vpod a miss


    It can do that already. But you'll be breaking the law, at least in the United States where doing this is illegal. I won't get into too much detail, but basically you rip it (don't ask me how, use Google), and encode it as a mpeg4 video at 320x240 resolution. It's probably only a matter of weeks until there's an automated program that does it all for you.
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