Rainbow Mac Screensaver for PC?

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Yeah....it's not really a big deal, but I've seen this screensaver on all new macs nowadays and I would really like to see it on my PC, but I can't find it anywhere! I've found download sites for the mac screensaver that zooms in and out of pictures/art, but not the other one with the flying rainbow thing. I'd much rather have that one, but it doesn't look like anyone's even tried mimicking that screensaver for PC. Does anyone have a site to download it or know how to make it?


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    Which rainbow screensaver are you referring to? Flurry? or Spectrum? Similar to flurry comes atleast with suse linux so it's available for KDE for Windoze you could try Flurry for windows , and Simple color scroller similar to Spectrum should also be available to every platform.

    BTW mac is Personal Computer as well...
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    Thanks. It's exactly what I need! XD
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