Problem w/3rd Gen 15GB iPod

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Hey everybody,

I have a problem with my iPod. A few days ago I went to start it up and all that appeared was a folder with exclamation point. I troubleshooted and followed the steps from apples own...

The only problem is when I go to restore or update my computer just doesnt recognize the iPod period. the two buttons that say "restore" or "update" are gray and it wont let me click them?

I should also note that I am charging it and the hard drive is making a consistent clicking noise every 2 seconds. Sad thing is I have barely used this iPod, received a mini and was going to give this 15GB to my mom. Any idea? Thanks


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    would also like to note that my ipod is not holding a charge either.
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    If the drive is making constant clicking noises, it sounds to me like the drive is dead. Send it to Apple to have it repaired or go to an Apple store and they will replace the unit.

    That's assuming it is still under warranty.

    I purchased AppleCare for my mini, and while its been a rugged device, the AppleCare has paid for itself at this point. I purchased it so that I could get my battery replaced for free, but since my scrollwheel's Menu button stopped working and I was able to get the unit replaced then too. Of course one week later I got a nano, but now they're both going strong.
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    I have a 2G, 5gig iPod that had the exact same problem.

    I think I was moving in and out of syncing too fast and it just stopped working. Would not turn on fully and made that horrible hard drive crying sound.

    Anyway, I decided the thing was totally dead, until one day I turned it back on and it woke up! I immediately pluged it in and updated to the latest os software. This solved the problem! Good as new and this unit has been (and continues) running in my resturant 7 days/wk, 12 hours/day - for the past 3.5 years!!

    It never leaves it's place and is always plugged into an power outlet.

    Good luck with yours!
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