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I have a friend who would like to connect and chat with AOL friends using an instant messenger. Thing is that she doesn't want to download the recent version of AIM (for OS 9+ and very buggy) and maybe would rather find an alternative application. I found <a href=""; target="_blank">one here</a>, but doesn't she still have to provide a screen name and password from AOL? I don't use AOL or AIM so any help would be appreciated...thanks.


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    AIMM is just a third party aim client. You need a screen name and password for the AIM service. You can register for that on the AOL website. The registration for AIM is free.
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    anyone got an osx messenger that connects to aim, and msn messenger. i tried fire but it won't connect to msn
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    for osx there is adium which is pretty good, but generally it doesn't have as many features as the official aim client.

    well now that I think about it, the official aim client doesn't even have features that work like they do in the windows version. basically us mac people are denied when it comes to aim
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    Fire connects to everything fine for me, it just doesnt show my buddy lists for one or the other sometimes.
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    i use fire as well, works wonderfully for me.
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    I have to admit I like Proteus an awful lot. connects to virtually everything, has an extremely elegant interface and not a single crash since I first used it.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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