Problem with PowerPoint slides on IBM ThinkPad

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I created some ppt slides on my iMac G5 and had trouble today getting them on an IBM ThinkPad of my business partners...

We think there might be some embedded font issues since it loads on other IBM compatible machines including a different ThinkPad and a Dell laptop.


Is there a command in ppt that will "clean" the file of unnecessary fonts?

Are there third party "cleaners" of files available for download that might work?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    You might want to try just copying your fonts from the working IBM thinkpad over to the non-working one. Also, making sure to export as a "Windows" powerpoint presentation would increase your chances as well. Further increasing your chances, is by continually lowering the version number that powerpoint exports to. If powerpoint 2001 doesn't work, then try powerpoint 98, or what ever the version numbers happen to be.

    With each subsequent version, there is less junk that is remembered by the file. (reversely stated, with each new release of an application, especially from M$, the files get fatter with more information ranging from font type to font size to font placement...bleh.)


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    Thanks Willy...will try.
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