the Mac OS and things ersatz

in General Discussion edited January 2014
On MacSurfer I found this one link that was looking at vista from redmond. It is remarkable how much that place is copying Apple's Mac OS, or trying to make its appearance look like what we have seen for years. It seems to me like the projected look is a good deal more like OS X than xp is, which I always hated.

The one idea that they got from somewhere(!) that was interesting was in having the icons of programmes in use being sized with a 3D perspective, or that of distance. Kind of like a dock with several tiers, according to what may be in use. It is not ugly. They really should pay Apple royalties, however, for adopting so much of the OS look over the years.

On this last, I get a kick out of Owen Linzmayer's two picture comparison of John Sculley and Neville Chamberlain("twins separated at birth?"), after the negotiations that resulted in baneful things(the treaty with Hitler, and the legal agreement with ms that allowed use of the Mac OS look)
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