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I've searched amongst the forums before posting this, so I hope I'm not reiterrating anything.

I'm a recent PC > Mac convert (thoroughly impressed so far), but I have been having a few problems regarding choosing which apps to use a standard for my Macs. I've tried Outlook Express, and am not keen with it running under Classic, I want to have OS X all the way. I tried Eudora, but I think it looks cheap, and I'm not prepared to pay for Office X for Entourage.

So that leaves me with Mail, which I think actually looks very good and is quite easy to use. I have a few issues with it. The importing exporting is a bit shitty and if anybody has anygood ideas on how to get MS outlook 2002(not express) mail items into mail that would be dandy.

Also, I'm using a iMac 800 and iBook 600 and I find the ability to use the IMAP server at a very cool way of having mails on both machines. If I have any large emails or I need to save I just save them to a personal mailbox on my iBook (as this is with me all the time). I'm having a problem sending mails though, and it's a bit annoying. On the move I write all my mails on the iBook (well duh!) and I use a personally registered domain name for my business ([email protected]). I do not use a dialup account I use Cable modem (via ethernet) and generally take my computer to clients sites where they have internet access, but do not have an internal SMTP server, so I need to use an external one. This is where comes in, but it will send my mail for the account, but when I use a different address in the From field (the business address) it rejects my mail.

However proud I am of my new address, I need to have my clients see my business address, an image thing I know, but that is what macs are all about anyway.

Thanks for your time, and sorry to go on so much



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    As I understand it, mail sent from your other email addresses needs to go via those addresses' mail server - e.g. I set up another account in Mail for my freeserve address using (or whatever); so you need to set up additional accounts for each of your email addresses (see Mail Help for how to manage accounts)
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    Or, _and don't discount this_ set up sendmail on your Macs running OSX. I'm not running it (OSX), but I'd bet it is on there. In fact, besides starting the sendmail daemon, there's not much else to do... just configure (somehow) your to use your internal sendmail instead. When you send mail, there's no server to connect to (besides yourself) and mailing should be quite snappy.

    Worth a shot. Otherwise, as GB said, you need to change your specific accounts to use your ISP's sendmail server.

    As for Outlook, try exporting in whatever various options there are, and try importing those into until you succeed. sorry, not much help.

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