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I would like to have our business run on the Apple platform, although my partner is used to pcs. One strong advantage to the Mac is that it would incur less trouble on line.

Anyway, I am looking about for accounting software for small companies that runs on Macs.

Have you Apple Insider folks got some good ideas.

Quickbooks seems to be so widely used. The reviews I last read on it were not stellar at all. If PeachTree ran on the Mac, as it used to, I would get that. But it does not.

Some of the programmes I saw on the Apple 'made 4 Mac' pages included


Coyote(too expensive for us now)

GoldenSeal Turtle Creek software(sounds very interesting and promising)

MoneyWorks Gold

Multi Ledger from CheckMark sounds competent

MyBooks Professional (as distinct from the regular My Books

SAM Jr. based on FileMaker

Small Business Tracker Deluxe (less expensive, open source)

There are others like Money Dance which is more for the individual, but I don't know it is what we need now.

I wish I could find a Mac oriented business site for reviews.

If anyone can point me toward some site that evaluates such things I would appreciate it.

Also, any experience that folks have with various accounting software would be appreciated.

One person suggested using a pc with PeachTree, but using a Mac for online use, not letting a pc from an office with sensitive financial information be on line.

I have expressed to PeachTree that I would like for them to produce for the Mac once again.

thanks for any help or reviews of various software.


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    No takers or input? I must be on the wrong site, so far as information on business software(on the Mac). Thing is, it is hard to find decent reviews in modern time for business software. When I do searches, I find results that are interesting to read, but they date back several years, and are not really up to date. Except for what reviews I find on VersionTracker, which has been a bit helpful, or one review at MacWorld. I would like to get a more thorough review. Unfortunately, the reviewer for MacWorld is not really reachable for thoughts on other places to get a perspective. I have not reached the right person at Apple to find out either, although I have tried the professional, or business store, too, and have an account there.

    Of course, one can just download a bunch of demos, but it would be nice to get another perspective, as there is but so much time in the day.

    If anyone has some thoughts on the subject of the business software, it would be appreciated.
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    Quick Books on a PC is in my opinion the way to go. If you absolutely must go Mac I'd use virtual pc with the windows quick books. The mac version is just horrible.
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    Originally posted by trick fall

    Quick Books on a PC is in my opinion the way to go. If you absolutely must go Mac I'd use virtual pc with the windows quick books. The mac version is just horrible.

    Thank you Mr. Trick Fall, for the return.

    That is what I have heard and read about the Mac version.

    If I have to use virtual pc, or get another computer, I believe I will use PeachTree. Too bad that they stopped making for the Mac platform.

    A friendly competitor in our line of business is going to let me look at his quickbooks (windos) disk to see how I may like it, so I will not ignore the thoughts proffered. My sister who is a pc user, and also for years was in an accounting business suggested PeachTree, but shook her head regarding my wish to use the Mac platform.

    Oh well, I am going to look around more to see what I can find in the Mac world.
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