ODBC in Office v. X

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Ok, so I download this addition that is supposed to allow me access to ODBC stuff which I REALLY need but is it just me or can I just NOT find how to do it?

Does anyone know how to access ODBC?

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    Off-topic, but what does the C in ODBC stand for? Connection?

    Is the DB local? remote? Tell us more. BTW, this should be in genius bar, genius
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    Open Database Connectivity.

    I also thought that the ODBC driver you speak of was only for 2001 not X. Maybe <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/MAC/products/office/2001/ork/Content/ASP/Sharing_Info_Excel.asp"; target="_blank">this link</a> will help.

    edit: wrong url

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    Hey Genius... it could be in EITHER... it's about Software and about help... CHILL BITCH.

    As for your MORE INFO... it's a local Database on an NT network... I use M$ Access 97 in VPC to gather the reports but I want a better way to do it without VPC.

    ... and yes the update is also for X... otherwise I wouldn't be using it...

    Mac Guru
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