Intel Xcode requirement and cross-platform coding

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This is a question from a non-programmers point of view, regarding the transition to Intel cpus:

I have the understanding that the transition to Intel/x86 from PPC requires all application development on Mac OS X to be converted to Apples own Xcode package (instead of Codewarrrier, etc.). I was thinking if anyone could enlighten me on the effects of this on cross platform applications. To me it seems like this would create a barrier for developers, because they would have to keep two versions of the code in separate development ienviroments, because Apple hasn't made Xcode available on Windows/linux.

Is this correctly understood? And won't this create a barrier for Windows developers moving to the Mac platform? Or is it not a practical problem?



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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    I don't think any Windows developers use CodeWarrior, so any Mac/Windows app already has two build systems (likely Visual Studio/CodeWarrior), so there's really no difference.
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