pin number on mini's firewire port?

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i hope some of you can help me there is an audio interface i want to buy and use with my mac mini, but it NEEDS to have a 6pin firewire... but on checking the manual for the mini i cant find this info...

so, is the firewire on the mac mini a 6 pin on or not??

and on trying the search option with "firewire 6 pin Mac mini" i got

:The search term you specified (6) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.

now THATS just backwards

Much thanks



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    regreg Posts: 832member
    6 pin refers to having the firewire port supply the power for the device. The mini firewire port does provide power, page 38 of the mini manual.

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    thanks for the reply Reg

    very helpful indeed

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