Monster iCruze or Neo iON?

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Good Guys is going out of business (absorbed by Whoever, in actuality) and has good deals on the Monster iCruze modules and interface cables. Approx. $100 and $30 if I read the tags right.

I'm not fond of having to play only from the playlists and not being able to access the iPod menus, which is where the Neo iON comes in. I just haven't been able to find any first-hand end-user reviews and it's not from an "established" manufacturer.

Ideally I would be able to plug the iPod into a dash-mounted charging device that feeds digitally to the factory stereo in my '06 Tacoma. That way I could skip tracks and seek from the stereo's controls and be able to read the song titles, but still be able to scroll through the iPod itself to search for specific tracks or playlists.

If it matters, the iPod is a 20GB 4G (non Photo).

Any opinions?


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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,946member
    I would not go with Monster anything. People complain about Apple being litigious, well, Monster is, quite frankly, off the scale.

    That, and, they are way too expensive for the quality of their products.
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