New Mac User - KVM Switch Blues!

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OK, I finally made the "somewhat" switch to a new Dual Core 2.0 PowerMac. "Somewhat" because, unfortunately, I still need my Winblows computer for certain tasks.

I got the Iogear MiniView Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch and set it up to use the Apple Keyboard and the Mighty Mouse to control both my PowerMac and my PC. I am currently using a Viewsonic CRT monitor with a DVI adapter on the PowerMac.

I quickly discovered that with the KVM, I can not hook the mighty mouse to the USB ports (or anything else for that matter) on the keyboard. These ports do not appear to be recognized through the KVM. Bummer!!

What I was hoping was to plug the mouse into the keyboard USB and hook the keyboard up to the KVM and use the other USB port on the KVM for switching other peripherals (i.e. Palm sync cradle, printer, scanner, etc.).

So, as being a lurker here for quite a while prior to my switch, I turn to you for some assistance. I tried to search the forums for this but couldn't find anything related to this issue.

Am I S.O.L., or is there a solution that allows me to still utilize the USB ports on the keyboard for the mouse and also switch these along with the monitor between the two?

It would be nice to be able to switch the other USB peripherals with the same switch, but this is not mandatory. I may get a separate USB swithbox for these items.



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    The chips in KVMs aren't pass through switches, which is part of the problem. I had a 4-way IOGear switch not too long ago that, in addition to the 4 pairs of Keyboard/mouse ports, had two USB ports that would work across all the computers plugged in (not simultaneously though). I had my USB keys plugged in there.
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    Actually you simply need a crossover Palantir. Then everything will become clear. :P
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    FYI - I solved the issue by going ahead and setting up a VNC server on my PC and using Chicken of the VNC to access my PC. It runs good enough to use my PC for what I need to use it for.

    Now I can return the IOGear KVM and just get a simple USB switcher for my needs.
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