reason for ram switch in new powerbook

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I was just curious if any one knows of a good reason why apple switched to the new ram vs the ddr333, I realize it is faster ram but it can only run as fast as the old so why switch? is there any advantage that I don't know about.


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    pbpb Posts: 4,255member
    I hear that the new memory is cheaper and consumes less power. Those two are enough reason for the change, even if the performance gain is zero.
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    19841984 Posts: 955member
    The logicboards of the new 15" and 17" models are all new and were designed around the 7448 G4 processor. For whatever reason they had to stick with the 7447 G4 for the time being. The new RAM is designed to run at higher speeds but they downclocked it for power savings. This would not have been necessary if they were able to use the 7448 G4. So in other words the new RAM would have given us both better performance and better battery life but we have to settle for better battery life alone.
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