The Flegling "What Podcasts are you listening to?" Thread.

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I have to admit, I'm really in love with podcasts. What an incredible way to get the info (or whatever) directly to em with out the stuff I don't want or need to hear.

Right now my line up is mostly about Tech stuff but would be interested in finding some other shows. Seeing as how you folks are (I think) like minded. I'll show you my list if you show me yours...

1) Inside Mac Radio

2) TWIT (though they are loosing favour as the show are just them talking over each other these last few weeks)

3) Quirks and Quarks ( neat little science tidbits from the cbc)

4) KFI Tech Guy (Leo Laporte is everywhere)

5) security now!

6) 43 folders (this ghuy is funny)

7) Digital life TV

and thats it right now..

lets keep this going with worth while suggestions of shows we might like to hear..

as always,



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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    Just TWiT and YML/Trashtalk

    If I had more time, I'd find more content
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    The Daily Source Code - Adam Curry

    The Maccast - Brian

    The Dawn and Drew Show

    NPR - On the Media

    Systm videos - kevin Rose

    Diggnation videos - Kevin Rose/Alex

    MAKE magazine
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member

    Originally posted by Macguru337

    Systm videos - kevin Rose

    Diggnation videos - Kevin Rose/Alex

    me too -- how could I forget Kevin Rose?
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    northgatenorthgate Posts: 4,461member


    Digital Production Buzz

    NPR: Movies
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Podcasts? Pffffft.

    "Tiki Bar" lets me look at video of a really pretty drunk girl acting all pretty and drunk and shit.
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    Consciousness: the Inside Story

    Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio

    SETI Podcast


    atavar studios (bloody good stuff, but just monthly)

    ESL podcast
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    Here's my list, but leaving out ones others have posted. Except yes, Tiki Bar TV is the best vidcast of all time.

    CBC Radio 3 Podcast - Basically the best in new Canadian indie music. Nicely organized with chapters to skip the stuff you don't like. Generally 2-3 songs each from pop or alternative (sometimes both), rock, rap, and a techno or folk or electronic closer.

    Cinecast - A twice weekly film podcast which is really good and in depth discussion of at least one new film review, overlooked DVD's, top 5 lists, western and now horror marathons where they go over the greats of a genre, etc... Really interesting, and way more entertaining then most movie review podcasts.

    Buscast - Where two Uni students record their conversations on a bus.

    KCRW's Left, Right, & Center - Political dialogue from across the ideological spectrum. Interesting because the various people on the show do have differing views, and are willing to argue about them in a highly sophisticated matter.

    KCRW's Martini Shot - Because this guy is seriously funny. Observations on Hollywood in a satirical manner.

    Fly With Me - A pilot from a major US airline talking about various things relating to planes, flying, airlines, etc... Interesting information, he interviews a lot of people and puts a lot of work into it. Doesn't have much of a schedule though.

    The CHUD Show (explicit) - Another movie show, but more random, sometimes hilarious, sometimes WTF, sometimes has nothing to do with movies. Generally entertaining though. Doesn't however come out on any kind of a schedule.

    Superburst Mixtape - Is a music podcast from Warren Ellis (comic writer) with several songs (~3) generally lesser known British bands, odder or edgier alternative and rock generally. It has been replaced by...

    The Apparat Programme - Which is similar but several times longer, and with a broader range.

    Z100 Phone Taps - Is a guilty pleasure, basically just classic phone pranks. Doesn't seem to release new episodes anymore though, but have like ~70 older episodes.

    Edited to add a couple I forgot.
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    I posted a thread about this before. Anyway:

    Distorted View - Awesome. it comes out daily.

    Twisted Pickle - Very funny guy. It doesn't come out consistently but it not too, too far apart.

    Dawn and Drew Show - Well, you know.

    MacCast - Pretty interesting Mac Show

    Science Friday - Interesting Science program from NPR
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    for anyone with a video ipod, you HAVE to download channel frederator's vodcasts.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    i'm still developing my podcast tastes, but here is what i listen to now:

    NPR's story of the day: like the number 2 podcast in iTunes. Selection of unique stories that you can't really get elsewhere.

    NPR's All Music Considered: They play samples from about 5 or 6 new artists or albums. A good way for me to keep up with what's out there.

    Science Friday: New Topic every Friday. Usually pretty interesting.

    The Ed-Schultz Show: Selection from his AM radio program. Center-Left commentary.

    Rocketboom Video Podcast: This-and-that. Usually pretty interesting.

    I'm looking through this thread to find some good new ones to listen to. I'd love to get an hour-or-so long podcast with full songs from lots of interesting good bands, but i'm not sure where to look (the "Music" podcast section in iTunes is overwhelming)
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    Originally posted by progmac

    i'I'm looking through this thread to find some good new ones to listen to. I'd love to get an hour-or-so long podcast with full songs from lots of interesting good bands, but i'm not sure where to look (the "Music" podcast section in iTunes is overwhelming)

    That would be CBC's Radio 3 Podcast. Due to copyright reasons most podcasts can't have full songs, or do so illegally. CBC has a relation with which includes an option for artists to allow CBC Radio 3 to podcast selected songs.

    So they have an hour worth of music, full songs, Alternative, Rock, Rap, Techno, Folk (sometimes), Electronic. All indie Canadian artists, usually pretty good.

    With chapters so you can skip the stuff you hate, or look up the stuff you like.
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