buying a new powermac

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I'm picking up a new powermac in about a week or so, and my question is this:

Where do I go for the best price on the base model? I have a student discount through apple which I believe is 200 off, but have heard that other places will match that discount and sometimes throw in extra RAM or something similar as well. Any ideas where I could find such a deal? I'm tired of my current iBook struggling to keep up with my typing and am thrilled to be getting a new computer. I just want to get the best price I can.

Thanks much in advance!


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    For a NEW machine, in a stock configuration, the Apple Store Education pricing is generally to be the best deal going.

    If you want to add stuff though, like RAM or a printer... the "free" stuff you get from places like MacMall might make for a better deal (assuming you were going to add those costs to your AppleEduStore order.)
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    Apple sets the minimum selling price at $5 below what is on the website.

    But if you can find an online dealer who does not charge sales tax in your state, that could easily make up for the missed education discount.

    Or, if you are in computer science or other computer classes, you can purchase an Apple Student Developer membership for $99 and get the Developer pricing on your system, one-time-only. For the Quad G5, developer pricing saves $660 off the $3299 price.
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