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I am wondering if there is any interest in bringing a good mechanical design app to X that actually includes features such as finite analysis, piping tools and possibilities of CAM output. What applications would everyone like to see come to the Mac; Solidworks, AutoCAD, ProE-Mechanica, CATIA?


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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    As a non-engineer, I know relatively little about serious CAE programs. I've used VectorWorks for designing hot air balloons, but obviously without any structural analysis.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Architosh</a> featured an AutoCAD for X petition a while ago. I am ambivalent about AutoCAD for X. One one hand AutoCAD is so widespread on the Wintel side that it would be nice to have it on OS X for the easiest possible file exchange. On the other hand, AutoCAD is really a junky piece of software, from what little I understand. So I would rather not see it on the Mac.

    CATIA is heavy duty workstation software, but with OS X's BSD UNIX underpinnings, it may be a great candidate for porting. I imaginge Altivec-enhanced CATIA for X on a dual-Gig G4 Power Mac would attract some serious engineers, even though they have traditionally stuck with workstations and Windows.

    In my dreams, there would be a CAD package for OS X that is just like VectorWorks but would also include fininte element analysis that is easy to use for non-scientific types like me. CAM output would be nice. But at least for my purposes (balloon building) a DXF that I can feed to the cutting plotter would be just fine.


    (wannabe Engineer)
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    As a student psychology I don't know anything about CAD, but my father <a href=""; target="_blank">cavd</a> is using this program from pictogramme: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>"It works great with OSX. This was formerly Architrion but it is in French hands now and it's called ADesign. Bye!

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    I think AutoCad couldn't hurt, just to give PC people a choice of Macintosh, but the best CAD applications already run on the Mac. ArchiCad, VectorWorks, BOA Cad, they are all good applications.

    I believe that VectorWorks might be making an attempt in going after the mechanical/engineering market.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    Note this recent <a href=""; target="_blank">thread on Architosh</a>, which indicates that Apple is looking into entering the CAD market.

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    timotimo Posts: 353member
    I'd like to see AutoCAD on the Mac.

    It's not that I love the program, but it would definitely increase the desirability of the platform.

    A lot like Microsoft Office: the good with the bad.
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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    What perfect timing! You can sign up on a petition for OSX SolidWorks right now!

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    I'm a big SW fan!

    Edit: OK, seems like the link may not be up right now. So if it doesn't work for you right now, try again tomorrow or something.

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    I am a bioengineering student. I would, also, like to see either Solidworks (preferably Solidworks) or Pro E run on OSX! Yes... that would be awesome!
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    I'm an architect, and don't really need Solidworks - but I signed the petition anyway

    What I would like to see is 3dsMax, AutoCad and Rhino for Mac.
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    They are all old petitions, and Dassault have repeatedly stated that they will not develop Solidworks for a platform other than Windows. Computers shouldn't be about OS vs OS, it's about using the right tool for the job. Doing 3D CAD? Use a Dual Xeon/Opteron with XP Pro and a professional graphics card. Doing Video work or audio editing? Mac OS.X is better generally. Doing general home use? Use a Mac. Mac's tend to fall flat when faced with corporate type integration, and you don't get many home CAD users. Witness that just about all CAD serving (Pro/E, Solidworks) has to be done from Windows servers, even the server can't run non windows os now because features of Active Directory are used. Windows isn't evil, it's just not always the best tool. In this case though, it is.

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    As a product designer, I have to say that I would absolutely love Alias Studio Tools to come on over to the Mac. At the moment I use , Vectorworks, FormZ and Ashlar Vellums' Cobalt (wow, what an eye opener that was!).

    Hmm, finite analysis and stuff? Can't think of anything. Sorry to flog a dead horse, but was there the possibility of Autocad for mac? I was under the impression that there were lots of juicy CAE plug-ins available for it.

    Who knows maybe one day we'll see finite analysis and piping tools 'for the rest of us"
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    WOW! I was surfing through looking for something on Safari, but I looked and saw a thread of mine pop back after 3 years of non-use!

    Anywho, I still think CAD/CAE apps would do well on the Mac, particularly with the dual G5 systems and the available graphic options being priced competitively to dual Opteron/Itanium systems.

    I picked up Cobalt about two months ago, haven't got a shot to work on it at all yet, too busy, but I will say I'm a Mechanical Designer at a company that is converting from CATIA V4 on IBM AIX UNIX boxes to V5 on Windows boxes and it sure would be nice to have the ability to use CATIA V5 on a Mac box. The new Macs sure would be able to handle it well, unfortunately they will be able to just get by with Pentium 4 systems making that more cost effective for the time being.

    Although I haven't had the time to use Cobalt since I'm on a computer all day at work, from everything I've seen it should be pretty nice to use. Although I'd love an FEA feature, I can go without it for the most part for what I'm doing, it sure would just be nice to have. But at least we have Cobalt for the Mac by Ashlar-Vellum, sure it would be nice to have one of the bigger packages, but (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/E.)
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