LG 4163b / USB Enclosure Help

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I acquired an LG gsa-4163b in a Norcent USB enclosure. I hooked it up to the USB port on my MDD G4 keyboard (other available USB port used by HP printer). At first it wasn't recognized, I assumed this would be the case, then installed PatchBurn and it is now recognized by iTunes and Finder. I started burning a music CD, have iTunes set to burn at Maximum, and it took about 15 minutes to burn the CD almost double the time on the internal Toshiba CDR/DVD ROM. The 4163b is supposed to be faster, 40X vs 32X, than the internal Toshiba unit.

Is this slowness due to the fact that I am going through USB port rather than the directly connected internal unit?

Is it possible to remove the 4163b from the USB enclosure and replace the internal Toshiba unit?

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    The keyboard will drop a USB2 device to USB 1 speeds. (about 40x slower)

    I would get a cheap USB2 hub for your printer and burner or plug/unplug them.
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