Another Powerbook ram question...

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I tried searching already, but I guess I don't know what words to use(this is the disclaimer against the people who like to reply with witty comments on using the search feature). :-D

I have a G4 15inch 1.67ghz powerbook, still with the stock ram(512). However I want to have at least 1gig, and hopefully 1.5gig. Basically, can I buy just a 1gig crucial ram and put it in? I remember reading that laptops are not like desktops and I can have two different size ram modules(since I know desktops must have one 512 and another 512, or one 1gig and another 1 gig).

Also, just to make sure I it would be a PC2700 200 pin right?

To sum it all up...will a PC2700 200pin 1gig module help my existing 512 stock apple ram in my powerbook?


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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    you bought this powerbook a few months ago or longer? yes, then you need 200pin so-dimm pc2700 1 stick of 512mb ram

    checkout to get a handle on prices. you can go uptown (apple branded ram) all the way to downtown (eg. apacer taiwan brand ram with infineon chips... works on my iBook!!)

    you should always check that it says, or the dealer says, it is compatible with your powerbook (must meet JEDEC specification, mainly...)
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    alright so i need to get a 512 stick with my current 512 stick... I was hoping the rules were different for powerbooks and I could use a 1gig but I am sure another 512 will help a lot either way. Thanks
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    you can use 1gig one thing to check though... are you sure you have 1x512mb in your powerbook not 2x256mb ?
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    I know I have only 1 512mb ram module in my computer. When I check my comp settings it says 1 512, and another slot empty.

    So if I use another 1 gig module, will my computer act like it was 1.5gig of memory? I know if I used a 256 and 256 along with a 1gig module in my 1.6G5 desktop, it would not be as powerful as a 256 x4 set up. Yet, I heard that with laptops it works differently and even though the sizes are not paired, it will still work the same.

    btw, how many pin should I be going for? 200pin 32700 memory?
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    yes, cool it should recognise it all as 1.5gb total. you are after one 1gb 200pin so-dimm pc2700 memory that is specified by the manufacturer as apple compatible. you can go to and use their advisor, or check out
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