iTunes Visual Issues

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Ya, i got issues....

Recently i have noticed that the iTunes visuallizer is running kinda choppy. It plays for about a second then skips or stutters and then plays for another few secocds and doesthe same thing. I have upped the ram to 20 Megs and have tried with VM on and off with no luck. When i first started using itunes it would run great, now its doing this.

-Both OS 9 and X (but I've tried it more in 9)

-on both my iMac 400 and my iBook (dual usb) 500.

-Both machines have over 300 megs of ram.

I thought it might have been cause they were stored on my external firewire drive, but i moved them to my internal drive and it dosnt help.

any suggestions?


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    Did you cap the frame rate (FPS) or are you letting it run wild?

    Are you running it full screen?
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    junkyard dawgjunkyard dawg Posts: 2,801member
    iTunes visuals suck *** on my OS X setup. G-Force is too slow no matter what the resolution, and it's not even centered in the display correctly! Some resolutions place the visuals more towards the center than others, but none of them are actually dead center.

    I never had any problems with iTunes visuals in OS 9, but in OS X they simply suck. Perhaps it's true, that Open GL in OS X is a dog.

    When OS X was new I could forgive this, but we're already at 10.1 and this isn't's a bad sign I'm afraid, that Apple isn't trying hard enough with OS X, or they only care if it runs well on new Apple hardware and Apple LCD displays.
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    My experience is contrary to yours. I'm running iTunes on a new iMac SD with 512 Mb ram and OS X, and I can't complain. In fact, the visualizer runs beautifully in full screen mode with FPS uncapped.

    You may have a point that iTunes doesn't run well on older systems, and all I can offer is the worn advice that you need a more capable system. What are you using?
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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    first, GForce/itunes isn't OpenGL based. Second, if it stutters, it is because a background app is kicking in every now and then.

    Third, the really lame thing is how the graphics always switch to 640x480, regardless of your computer's horsepower. Grrr...
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