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I have an ibook g4 1 gig with 512ram. I am thinking of buying a new power book 12 inch 1.5. Do you think I should upgrade? Is it really worth it? Do you think I'll notice a huge speed difference? I usually just use the internet, and office. Should I do it. Also how much do you think I could sell my current ibook for?




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    You will definitely see a significant jump in speed compared to your current iBook. In my personal opinion, though, you would be better off trading up for the current 12" iBook. Oh, and get at least 1 GB of RAM. That will speed things up as well.

    So here is what I would do:

    1. Sell your current iBook (on eBay, for example)

    2. Buy the new iBook G4, and add in an extra 1GB RAM module after market for about $100.

    The current iBook G4 has a 1.33Ghz processor, a 9550 graphics card capable of core image (nice ripple effect!), airport, bluetooth, bunch of other stuff. At $999 it is very good value (Amazon have a $50 mail in rebate for it at the moment as well, so it would be even less).

    If you do want a PowerBook, get the 15".
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    I think it's a bad time to buy an Apple portable right now. I would hold off until February 2006, if you can.
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    My wife has a 1.0 12" PB and I maxed her memory out with a 512 stick. Is there a way to put in a gig stick on the older iBooks?

    PS. I agree with waiting until MWSF in Jan before spending money on a notebook unless you really need one ASAP.
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    Originally posted by DHagan4755

    I think it's a bad time to buy an Apple portable right now.

    Why do you think it is a bad time?
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    He's referring to the transition to Intel processors that's expected to happen (for Powerbooks) sometime in the first half of next year. It's very likely that Intel-based Powerbooks will have significantly higher performance and longer battery life than the current crop, as well be able to dual-boot Windows.

    However, they aren't here yet, and no one outside Apple knows for sure when they'll be released. So if you need a laptop now, buy a laptop now. Further, no one yet knows how smooth the transition to Intel will be on the software side, or whether the first-generation Intel Powerbooks will have the sort of hardware teething problem that most Apple first-generation hardware has.

    If you're not interested in being part of the bleeding edge, you might well prefer to get the best-ever PowerPC Powerbooks, and let others take the slings and arrows of the Intel transition for a year or so. On the other hand, once the teething problems are worked out, there's little doubt that they will be more capable machines. So it's up to you if it's worth waiting for, or not.
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    Um..wow..that was quite a reply...thanks! The info is appreciated.
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    I just made the exact same switch- 1GHz ibook to 1.5GHz powerbook 12 inch. I'll never buy an ibook again... This is so much better. I've owned three powerbooks and two ibooks, and the plastic just never feels as good and sturdy as the metal. The speed difference is also just amazing on this powerbook. Get it.
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