4th Generation iPod Click Wheel Problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have had my 4th generation iPod for about a year and 4 months, and I have experienced no problems. Until now.

Just the other day, for no particular reason, the click wheel on my iPod stopped working. The only buttons that still function are the play button and the center button, but the other parts of the wheel (including the scrolling feature) have ceased to work.

I am no longer covered under warranty, and I don't have AppleCare, so what are my options? I don't want to pay Apple $250 to repair it, nor do I want to pay some sketchy online site $150 to repair it, and I'd really like to avoid having to buy a new iPod (it's still new-looking!).

I have read in some online posts that you can go in, and, depending on the sales associate, they will just replace it, no questions asked, but I am skeptical about this.

What should I do? Thanks.
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