ibook help

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ok here is what is going on. I have an ibook 12 inch G4 1 gig. Everything has worked fine since I have had it last oct. (so about a year) I did a restore on the system and then installed tiger on it. (I did an erase and install on the restore, then just upgraded to tiger) Everything was fine for a few hours. I shut the lid on the notebook then a few hours opened it up, and it came on for a few min, then just shut down. I held the power switch on, then it restared came on this time for about 20 min, then shut down. I thought, maybe a batt. issue, I took the batt out, plugged into just the power supply, and it did the same thing. Sometimes it won't even power on. Then I will take out the batt. and power plug, put the batt back in, and it will power on, then go off again. I have never had any issues what so ever with this notebook, and I have treated it like a baby. What do you guys think? Please don't tell me something really really bad is wrong. Should I try to do another install and see what happnes, or is something very very wrong with the hard ware?
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