Photoshop CS2

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I recently upgraded from the tryout version of Photoshop CS2 to the full verson... For some odd reason I am still getting the expiry notification... How do I delete/deactivate it? Thanks in advance!


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    you should probably completely delete Photoshop (plist files+app) *then* install the full version. i know iLife had this problem too.
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    i would at the minimum get rid of the pref files before i threw out the whole application.
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    At my work we have several computers that gives you the notification message when you start PhotoShop. The reason is that our system administrator installed the software on the computer and didn't take the time to go through the whole Adobe Registration process.

    Did you take the time to register the application with Adobe online? If not I would give it a try.
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