to shut, or not to shut, that is the question....

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So I just bought a new powerbook, what is better. Just to close the lid when Im' not using it, or leaving it on all the time and letting it sleep. I have heard different things. What is the best? Is it ok just to open and close it all the time. I have heard that letting it go to sleep all the time and waking it up is bad for it and puts strain on the hd as well. What are your ideas?


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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    Closing and putting it to sleep is no harder on the computing components and HD than just letting it go to sleep.

    Don't worry about closing it, just close it when you want to ensure the screen is protected and leave it open when it is OK to do so.
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    I've had a Titanium PowerBook for over 4 years now, and I've always closed the lid to put it to sleep, I do this a few times a day. Not had any problems with it.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I close mine now because of dust and safety. It just seemed to attract more dust to the screen and with it shut I have to clean it a lot less. I also had someone spill coffee on mine at work. Fortunately it was just on the screen and I reacted very quickly to clean it. I was lucky it did not effect the screen or the rest of the machine.

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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    As long as it sleeps, it doesn't matter if it came about manually (lid) or automatically (sleep timer). Theoretically the opening and closing would be expected to induce mechanical wear and tear, but then again, avoiding dust and grime buildup inside the computer helps the fans last longer. Do whatever is comfortable. I keep my iBook open all the time while on desk. It rarely leaves the desk.
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    With my iBook G4 12" i just close the lid chuck it in my bag and off I go to my next class. I try to restart once a week or so cause i use filevault which frees up space if you have trashed stuff
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