eMate 2: The Smell of Fear (or SdC's 'Next Big Thing' guesswork aka - Xlite)

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Ah, the eMate. What a wunnerful little device.

<a href="http://www.thereviewzone.com/emate.html"; target="_blank">http://www.thereviewzone.com/emate.html</a>;

Anyway, the eMate was, like it's Newtonian cousins, ahead of it's time. The ultraportable of all ultrportables.

So, my proposal is that Apple has re-done the eMate, to function in today's digital device lifestyle.

Called the Xlite (pronounced Ten-lite)

Note: I have no proof, other than I think that:

a) It fits all of the Apple hype taglines of the past few days.

b) It is the Holy Grail of the nextgen device dreamers: the fully functioning portable.

That having been said, let me tell you about my speculation.

Xlite has a clam shell fold out device like the eMate or the <a href="http://www.nokia.com/phones/9210/"; target="_blank">Nokia 9210 Communicator</a>, but only in design philosophy not in any specifics.

The computing pieces (processor, hd, logic board, ram, etc) are below the keyboard , the ports (airport, PCMCIA, FW, USB, etc), are along the hinge side.

The screen opens up and away, and is a full color screen, at 640 pixels wide. The highest res lcd's available mean that the screen is a little less than 5 inches wide. It is 640 pixels, because it has a fully capable internet browser, and most websites have a 640 pixel min. It's other dimension is around 3 inches. The whole screen is touch sensitive to the stylus that fits along a groove along the edge.

The Hardware includes an 8 GB HD, of the same family as iPod (PCMCIA sized), 128 MB RAM, and assorted other knicks and knacks.

The software is Darwin, with a modified Quartzlite interface. All current OS X apps would face a slight recompile to get onto this device, but luckily, Apple will provide the compilers and technical support to do it.

It will have Appleworks Xlite preinstalled, along with a browser, calander, email, address book, iTunes Xlite, iPhoto Xlite, etc.

It will also have a Springboard-like feature where the user can add additional devices, such as a DV module, or a camera module, or cell phone module. Other modules will also be available.

Finally, it will have a dock (Xdock)with ADC and USB and the appropriate ports, so you can sit down at a full sized monitor and keyboard, for a heavy work session. It also synchronizes will all Macs through FW or Airport, so that data can be moved quicky and efficiently, and shared over multiple devices.

It will retail for $999, and be in stores on 1/8. The Dock will be about $399. The package (Xlite, Xdock, 15" LCD, and Pro Keyboard) will be sold as a bundle for $1799.

Well, there's my guess. Tear it to shreds, kids!


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    mac gurumac guru Posts: 367member
    Ok this is BY FAR... the biggest reach for something to talk about and spew on I've seen all day... give it a rest.

    Mac guru
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    Never! It's perfect and brilliant!


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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    It sure would be popular in Japan!

    Seriously though, what would the dimensions be? It sounds too similar to the iBook unless it's the size of a paperback.
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    5.25" x 3.5" x 1.0 is my proposal.

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    icruiseicruise Posts: 127member
    You say yourself that you are just making this up, so this is just an exercize in "what if" -- not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think we probably have enough on our hands thinking about things that might actually exist without worrying about things that have no real basis in fact. Plus, everything that Steve has said and did has pointed to making the Mac the center of "our digital universe" -- I don't see him making something that is not a Mac (ie that doesn't run standard Mac OS) but that could be use in the place of one. Maybe (big maybe) a PDA-like device that would sync with a mac, but not a Mac-lite.

    I also don't understand the comparison to the emate -- those things were huge (comparitively). Also, minor point, but the biggest PC card drive currently available is the 5GB one in the ipod, although a 10GB is apparently coming. There is no 8GB one.
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    icruiseicruise Posts: 127member
    And yes, what you describe would be very cool, and I would probably buy one.
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    8, 10 whatever. The comparison to the emate is primarily due the keyboard, instead of the stylus, which everyone and their brother hates, and thus prevents more people from going ultraportable.

    I can't draw, but it's a cobination of these three things:

    except with a bigger screen, and:

    except with a keyboard, and the hinge along the long side, and:

    except with a color screen, and a slimmer, sleeker design.

    As for why I am posting this, I don't see why this speculation would distract from the rest of the equally ludicrous bullshit flung around here. If you think you'll find any truth around here, you should really go outside and get some fresh air.

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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    Let me remind people that the eMate was the inspiration for the iBook, and was rumored to be the Mac OS based device to replace the Newtons.
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