17" powerbook track pad question

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I had a 15" that let me move two fingers left or right to go back and forward through the webpages....my new 17 inch does not do this...does any ones?


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    Well, I just got a new 15" but from what the website says you rnew 17" should do the same also. Go to system preferences/keyboard and mouse/trackpad and make sure two finger scrolling is checked.
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    does anyone have the newest 17" , perhaps it was disabled in this model for some reason....all other trackpad functions are working fine, two finger scrolling etc....its just the browser page forward and page back that does not work
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    just wanted to write and finish this thread off.....apparently this was a feature that was

    inadvertently activated by firefox's scroll wheel

    support, however firefox has fixed this "bug" in

    beta version 1.5 and so now you can no longer use

    two finger horizontal scrolling to activate the browsers

    forward and back buttons.

    it's a shame really and I hope that apple will investigate

    adding this feature in the future...I actually found some'threads with complaints about this because it really was sensitive( any movement to the left or right would activate it) but if apple would/could implement it with a sensitivity slider in preferences it would be a huge and great feature.

    thanks Scott
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    justinjustin Posts: 403member

    I use the 17" powerbook and have no problems tracking as you describe when the 2-tracking option is selected.

    The Mighty Mouse makes it much more fun to use btw....
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    Hi Mercury,

    I noticed you went from a 15' to a 17' PB Any big difference rergarding the size? Portability? I am in the process of buying a PB and I am a little undecided between the sizes. After adding a 100gb 7200rpm HD to the 15' the difference is only $200. I am inclined to go for the 17' with the 100GB 7200rpm HD but wanted to get your opinion since you had them both at some point.

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    mercury7, you can re-enable that feature. firefox disabled it because most people hated it and they had to go into the config file manually to change it.

    visit this webpage and just do the opposite of what this guy says.


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    Hi...I actually have been meaning to say something about my new 17" ...I was also timid about the size difference but I now honestly dont see what people complain about....I mean it is very light and the quality seems well worth it....speakers are much much better and the screen is awesome....no complaints so far
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    by the way...I just completed two video projects today,

    the first is an original video I did for a local band and' the second is a ripoff from the scifi channel...I liked there vapor commercial so much I had to do something with it haha.

    http://www.mercury7.com/fallen hero2.mov (20 megs so let it load a while)


    let me know if you like them...Im still learning how to edit

    also visit my digital art albums at http://www.fotki.com/mercury7
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    Hey Mercury7 thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to getting my PB 17'. I saw your video, they are very cool. The second video is quite creative the loop you made with the SciFi commercial. The music though, is it the theme song from the "Dead Zone" I am hearing?

    My biggest hobby and passion (when I am not doing my "real job") is sound recording hence why I am such a mac freak I actually toyed around with some scoring and sound effects for movie trailers that already existed. I used to ripped the video, loead it on Protools and add my own sound effects and music. On one of my "projects" I dubbed a 2 minute segment of "Lord of the Rings the Two Towers" from English to Spanish using my voice. It was quite cheesy but funny
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    lol, thanks...yeah that was the deadzone song, it is lots of fun learning editing and so I am playin with all sorts of stuff.

    if you go to my fotki website and click whats new you will see my movie album with more clips of stuff Ive done. especially check out crazy train lol


    You are going to love the 17" ....I am now glad I had trouble with my 15" or I would never have known how much

    better the 17" is.....its just funner to use for video editing.
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    by the way if you have tha lotr clip online, I'd love to see it....
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