Anyone using iPod as a portable HD?

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Just curious - I can't seem to get compatibility easy with external hard drives. Does anyone here use their iPod to store info etc other than music? (The sound quality from the Nano disappointed me so I steered clear of it).

Ease of use? Flexibility?


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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    i use my 3G ipod as a portible harddrive from time to time. problem is that its formatted for a Mac, so i haven't beena ble to find a way to get it work with windows machines...

    it works great with other macs though, plug and play.
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    i use my 3G ipod as a portible harddrive all the time . I think it is great
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    All the time, works perfectly.
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    I've been considering what to with my 4G iPod. My options are sell it to one of my fraternity brothers for like $75, keep it in my car all the time, or use it as an external hard drive. With a 60 gig 5G iPod and only a 60 gig HD on this old Powerbook, I'm leaning towards the external HD. I need somewhere to store movies and whatnot. What do you guys think?
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