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I recently got my first Mac after hocking my worthless Dell laptop on Ebay. The Dell obviously didn't hold its value too well since (after paying about $2000 for it a year ago) I barely got enough to afford one of the new 12" iBooks with a student discount.

I've never been all that much of a gamer, but every now and again I used to blow off some steam playing a PC game. Given my relatively low system specs (1.33GHz PPC, 512MB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9550, 32MB DDR video memory) I figure I'd need an older game to get decent performance. I was thinking along the lines of Soldier of Fortune II, or Splinter Cell. It sucks they didn't make System Shock 2 for Mac. Any better suggestions? Thanks.


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    On my 533mhz "Digital Audio" G4 Mac, I blow off steam with games like:
    • "Castle Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory" (free!) which is an online game.

    • the classics "Diablo II" & "Warcraft III" will work fine, and can be had fairly cheap

    • My all time favorite "deus Ex" will work just fine.

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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Starcraft will run, what more do you need?

    The 3D games might prove difficult for iBook to handle. Especially Splinter Cell. Mine has difficulty even with World of Warcraft, but this is the older model that had Radeon 9200, not 9550. The new one probably runs WoW playably. Still, expect to keep all graphics settings at minimum and resolution at 1024x768.
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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member
    Ghost Recon may be a good game that will run decently on your ibook. It's fun to play online as well.

    I ran it ok on my powerbook with a Radeon 9000 64 MB with graphics setting on low/medium.
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