Does anyone know where I could get one of these?

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Besides TCS Mac in France, that is. I've been looking around, but I can't seem to find anyone in the U.S. that sells them.

I had been told that it wasn't possible to add internal bluetooth. I would totally do this if I could get my hands on the module. It doesn't look too hard. Am I missing something?


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    Come on. Nobody? Not even a guess? Any ideas why they would be available there and not here? Their sight says that they are genuine Apple parts.
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    I found this:

    This may not be the required part(s). You could ask your friendly Apple Authorized Service center to order it as a favor. I doubt it's very cost-effective though. I bet you're better off selling the unit and shelling for a newer replacement. Just a thought.

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    Thanks. I think I'll make some calls. If I can get one of these for $100 or so, I think I could throw it in fairly easily. My book is long out of warranty, but I like it a lot. I've already upgraded the HD and RAM.
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